2020 Virtual Swimming Lesson Information

SPPRF is offering virtual swimming lessons this summer to keep youth and teens engaged and active!  The T-Rex Training Program and Piranhas Training Programs provide 16 prerecorded skill sessions that include dry land, water skill work and other water safety concepts and skills.  The water skills portion of the program are designed to be completed in a small body of water - even a bathtub!

All participants will be e-mailed a link to access the videos on or around July 1.

Participants will also receive a progress chart and stickers via snail mail to track their progress.  At each progress checkpoint, take a picture of your chart and e-mail to pool@cityofsunprairie.com to win prizes for the completion of each milestone!

Prizes and guaranteed only for the first 50 registrants of each program.

There is no fee for either program, but donations to cover costs will be accepted.

T-Rex Training Program:  Designed for Parent/Child Level 1 (Diaper Diver) through Learn to Swim Level 2 (typically, ages 0-8)

Piranhas Training Program:  Designed for Learn to Swim Level 3 - Learn to Swim Level 6 and beyond (typically, ages 8-18).

To view a chart of the descriptions for each swim level, click here

For questions regarding the T-Rex Training or Piranhas Training Programs, please e-mail pool@cityofsunprairie.com or call (608) 837-3449.


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2020 Virtual Swimming Lesson Program

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