2022 Frozen Fun Prairie Cardboard Sled Classic

Join us for the First Annual Frozen Fun Prairie Cardboard Sled Classic!

WHEN: Saturday, January 29th,10 AM - 12 PM 

The Cardboard Sled Classic is an opportunity for families and groups to create their own cardboard sled creations and race them down the sledding hill at Sheehan Park and compete for prizes for best time and best design.


The rules are simple.  Cardboard.  Tape.  Creativity!  Groups may design their sled to impress, for speed, or both!  Anything from flat pieces of cardboard with duct tape on them to pirate ships, school buses, creatures, or anything in between!  Each sled should be built to be ridden by no more than three riders and pushed by two pushers.  Sleds should be constructed prior to race day.

Groups can register as one of four entry categories – Club/Community Organization, Youth-Only, Adult-Only, and Family.



Detailed information will be sent out to all registrants by January 19, 2022 with information for the day of the race such as sled drop off, judging criteria, and assigned race times.

Clubs/Community Organizations:  School groups, volunteer organizations, non-profits, local businesses, etc. may submit one sled on behalf of their organization.  Any and all age ranges may be involved in the construction of the sled and may race in the sled or push on race day. Click here to register. 

Youth-only:  This category limits sled entries that are constructed and raced only by youth ages 7 – 17 years.  Adults must remain hands off in the construction of the sled and on race day! Click here to register. 

Adult-only:  This category is for adults ages 18 and older only.  Sleds should be constructed by adults and only those 18+ will be permitted to ride and push on race day. Click here to register. 

Family:  Calling all families!  This category is an opportunity for all members of a household to work together on a sled.  Any and all age ranges may be involved in the construction of the sled and may race in the sled or push on race day. Click here to register. 



  • Sleds may be constructed ONLY of cardboard and tape (of any variety).  Sleds may have a rope attached to them for pulling through the snow and up the hill.
  • Waxing the bottom of the sled of any sort is prohibited.
  • Sleds must be completed and ready for judging on the day of the event.
  • Sleds may not hold more than three riders.  On race day, up to two individuals may provide one push at the starting line.
  • All entries must preregister no later than Wednesday, January 12, 2022 at 12:00 pm.
  • Any sled that does not conform to these rules will automatically be disqualified.

Come to the showing of the movie “Cool Runnings” on Sunday, January 23!  Not only will you get inspired for the design of your sled, but we will also have materials on site to construct while the movie is showing, or that you can take home to construct prior to January 29!  See page 10 of the Winter/Spring 2022 Rec Connection for more information!