Park Plans & Future Improvements

SPPRF is committed to intentionality, collaboration & engagement, and stewardship.  One of the ways we carry out these values is through master planning.  See the below links for information on the current and past plans for our park system.

  • 2022 - 2031 Capital improvement Plan:  This plan is updated annually and provides details on parks projects (location, project type, funding, etc.) for the next ten years.  Parks projects can be found starting on page 202.
  • 2017 - 2022 Parks and Open Space Plan:  SPPRF's parks and open space plan is an evolving document driven by community input that serves as a roadmap throughout the development of the City's ten-year Capital Improvement Plan, and for decision-makers as short and long-term plans and improvements are proposed for the City's park system.

  • Sheehan Park Master Plan:  Completed in 2019 and adopted in 2020, the Sheehan Park Master Plan is a 50+ year plan that identifies current and future park needs and usage.  Click here for the Sheehan Park Master Plan Presentation given to the Parks, Recreation and Forestry Commission on March 4, 2020.

  • Sunset Park Master Plan(also known as The Reserve):  Completed in 2019 and adopted in 2020, the Sunset Park Master Plan outlines future plans and improvements to the City's newest community park.  Click here for a full report of the plan.

  • Wetmore Park Conceptual Master Plan:  Completed in 2019 as a result of selecting Wetmore Park as the site for the City's first splashpad, this conceptual plan outlines future amenities and their location within Wetmore Park.


Future Plans

  • In 2022, SPPRF will begin the master planning process for two new, unnamed neighborhood parks - a 1.6 acre park on the corner of S. Thompson Road and Colorado Avenue, and a 6.0 acre park adjacent to Town Hall Road, north of East Main Street.
  • An update to the 2017-2022 Parks and Open Space Plan is anticipated in 2023, pending funding to complete the plan.