2024 Court Schedule
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Player Ratings
Want to establish and maintain an updated player rating to ensure you're playing against similar skill levels?  For more information about player ratings visit USAPA, IPTPA or DUPR for information about player ratings

2024 Tournaments
Fun Prairie Pickleball Open - June 7, 8, 9 
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This is a non-sanctioned, recreation-based Pickleball tournament at Wyndham Hills Community Park.  This is a team (doubles) tournament played in a round robin format.  USAPA rules for scoring/tie breaking round robins will be used to determine results.  The tournament is based on skill level (3.0, 3.5, 4.0 and 4.5) with age divisions of 59 and younger and 60 and older for the 3.0 to 4.0 skill levels.  Age eligibility based on age in the calendar year of 2024.  The 4.5 skill level will be an open age/gender division. Open means no age separation, no gender separation and teams can be two men, two women or mixed.  

Teams must register as a team with a cost of $40 per event ($20 for each team member).  Only one individual should register and pay for the team.  There is no discount if registering for more than one event.  

All participants will receive one T-shirt and there will be awards for the top three (3) places in each event.  Registration begins April 4 and will close on May 27.  NOTE: No refunds will be given after May 27.

All start times are subject to change, and events might be merged or split based on event registration as well as making an event a double round robin if fewer than 7 teams register.  The must be a minimum of four (4) teams in each event or the event may be cancelled.  The committee may also review posted DUPR/UTPR scores to ensure appropriate competition in each level.  Please register for the appropriate level; no sandbagging or playing down from your skill level.  To fill a team, one player/team member can be allowed to play up a skill level.

Choose your event(s) from the list below to register your team:

3.0 Doubles 3.5 Doubles 4.0 Doubles 4.5 Doubles
Men's 59 & under Men's 59 &  under Men's 59 & under All ages / Gender Open
Men's 60 & over Men's 60 & over Men's 60 & over  
Women's 59 & under Women's 59 & under Women's 59 & under
Women's 60 & over Women's 60 & over Women's 60 & over
Mixed 59 & under Mixed 59 & under Mixed 59 & under
Mixed 60 & over Mixed 60 & over Mixed 60 & over


Madtown Pickleball Open:  July 11-14

Where to play in Sun Prairie
Wyndham Hills Park - 675 N. Heatherstone Drive -- 10 dedicated pickleball courts (lighted)
Haven Park - 2150 Leopold Way -- 2 dedicated pickleball courts
Orfan Park - 2050 St. Albert the Great Drive -- 2 tennis courts striped for pickleball


Lessons and Clinics 
To learn more about Pickleball lessons and clinics in 2024, check out the Summer Fun Guide (coming soon)

Thank you to CAPA for your continued dedication and support of Pickleball in Dane County!