Activity Guide Corrections

Changes and updates made after the 2019 Summer Fun Guide went to print:

  • Ballroom Dance ends on 7/24, not 7/17. (No class on 7/3).  The time is 6:00 – 6:45 pm (not 7:00 pm)

  • Drawing & Design meets M-W, not M-Th

  • Pedal The Prairie session dates are 6/25-7/30

  • Dance Fitness Party session 1 dates 5/13-6/24, free drop in date is 8/19 ONLY and the fee is $48 for residents and $68 for non-residents.  Fee is for two family members, each additional family member is $10.

  • American Red Cross Lifeguard and WSI Certification Courses. Note there is an online component to the course which must be completed prior to the start of the first day. The instructor will contact all registrants with further information upon registration. 

  • Drums Alive – pg 41, in the active older adults section, there is no class on 5/27, no drop in class on 6/24, and
    session 1 Monday dates are 5/13-6/24

  • Ultimate Frisbee, pg 25, in the youth section the cost is $14R/$21NR

  • Back to School Snacks the cost is $45R/$65NR not $66/$86 as listed 

  • Outdoor Sports Adventure and Outdoor Sports Adventure Jr. at Sheehan Park Soccer Field has been moved to Stoneridge Estates Athletic Field #1. 

  • Soccer Stars have been moved to Stoneridge Estates West Athletic Field. 

  • Kindercooking and Kids in the Kitchen has been moved to Token Springs Elementary School, 1435 N Thompson Rd. 

  • Sport Foundations schedule change to the following:   

    7/9-7/30 (Tuesday) 9:00 am – session 2

    7/11-8/1 (Thursday) 9:00 am – session 2

    8/6-8/27 (Tuesday) 9:00 am – session 3

    8/8-8/29 (Thursday) 9:00 am – session 3


  • Discount Ticket Information:

We are selling discounted tickets for the 2019 summer season, not 2018. 

Customers will be charged a 2.5% convenience fee for credit card purchases, not 2.35%. 
We are NOT selling Six Flags Great America - Season Passes 

  •  Codes for the following program are incorrect in the guide: 

Essentials for Dorm Living should be 2156387.2

Basic Budgeting/Living with a Roommate should be 2156387.3

Dolphins Session 3 10:50 am should be 2252553.10
Painter’s Palette Adult Session 1 should be 2153300.1

Painter’s Palette Adult Session 2 should be 2153300.2

Painter’s Palette Youth should be 2155300.1

Aqua Zumba in aquatic section: Session 1 should be 2153122.2 and Session 2 should be 2153122.3

Mountain Bike in the youth section should be 2155267.1

Archery Adventures in teen section  should be 2156243.1